“Coming together is a beginning;
keeping together is progress;
working together is success”.
― Henry Ford (1863 – 1947)

Escott Aston as it stands today was founded in the 1950’s by John “Jack” Staples. Jack was a former Prisoner of War (POW) who gained his accounting credentials during his time in a POW camp. Following his release as part of a prisoner exchange program, Jack worked and continued studying until he started his own accounting practice, Staples & Staples.

In the years following Jack’s retirement, each incoming partner has continued to build on what Jack founded, whilst proactively adapting to the ever changing world of tax and accounting. Under the current partners of David Aston and Michael Garcia, we are proud of our 60 plus years’ heritage.

Our team is passionate and dedicated to partnering with our clients to build long lasting relationships where “working together is success”. We continually strive to develop our skills and services to ensure that we are best able to support the dynamic needs of our clients.

By knowing you and your business, together we can develop plans and strategies to assist you in achieving your goals and objectives. We are excited for what the future will bring.